One of the gravest problems facing most sales organizations is a lack of customer history. So often, when sales people leave they take with them the relationship history, either stored in their heads or ferreted away in spreadsheets. To be blunt, this history is a priceless asset which just disappears, now the property of the sales person and not the company. The most distressing aspect of this is that it often ends up with your competitors! You need to prevent this costly loss and Prospector does just that.

Every call, every action and every opportunity, both closed and pending is recorded, fast and easily, and the next incumbent picks up the trail without missing a beat. And whilst you're waiting for the next incumbent, colleagues and managers can ensure continuity of the relationship.

The fact is though, that most sales people are industrious enthusiastic individuals and will find that Prospector is an invaluable foundation for call-planning and opportunity management. From monitoring who next to call upon to focusing on those opportunities most likely to close, Prospector enables it all.

At Bloodhound Projects we are driven by a desire to make our applications a platform for success, not some evil necessity sales people dread. In fact, any sales person who uses Prospector, even for just a short while, will find it indispensible to their campaigning. Any manager will find it a powerful analysis tool giving them a clear picture of the future, virtually doing his forecasting for him.

By applying a percentage likelihood to each opportunity, salespeople will actually see the true value of their pipeline. Management too is able to see both the gross sales potential and the net potential and, as a consistent scale evolves, a more accurate picture will emerge so you will see exactly where you are.

In these troubled times it is essential to manage and monitor your prospective business closely and Prospector gives you the insight to do exactly that.


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